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We care about your health  

and the future of our planet. 

Our team members have had more than 30 years of experience in the agricultural sector. Citiponics was set up in 2015 with the aim to supply safe and secure produce for local and overseas market. Our intention is to not only grow locally produced vegetables productively within the constraints of urban space, but to also provide education for the future generations of youth leaders on the importance of sustainable farming.


We designed and innovated Aqua Organic System (AOS) in Singapore, a vertical growing system that is created to be optimized for agriculture sustainability through its strategically designed structure, system and functionalities. Our growing towers can now be seen in Singapore, Malaysia, and China.


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Dear Residents,

imagine opening your windows to see your food source, imagine having a farm to table experience for all your meals. That's what we call a win, for you and our planet.

By 2050, we will need to increase our global food supply by 70% to meet the needs of almost 10 billion people. In Singapore, we import almost 90% of our food - this ignited the idea for us to bring our farms to heartlands, piloting Singapore's first commercial car park rooftop urban vertical farm @ Ang Mo Kio.

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