Aqua-Organic System (AOS)

The Aqua-Organic System, in short AOS, is the core feature of Citiponics vertical growing towers technology. This intelligent urban growing technology is well suited for growing edibles sustainably, productively and is adaptable to a variety of production scenarios such as commercial growth or private consumption. AOS is purposefully designed to maximize productivity and it eliminates the use of pesticides totally to preserve the vegetables' nutrients value and build its natural immunity against foreign diseases. 



AOS requires no pesticides in the growth of healthy and leafy vegetables to ensure safety consumption.

Zero Waste

Every drop of water is absorbed and recycled in the system. The fired-clay medium used for growing the vegetables is also reusable, allowing zero wastage. 

Space Saving 

Vertical nature of the system allows amount of harvest to be enhanced by 70% per​ sq-ft, utilizing less space for more produce. It promises 3.5x more yield with 30% less human effort as compared to traditional farming in Singapore. 

Energy Saving

The amount of electricity used to operate the system is reduced due to its efficiency-driven structural design, minimizing the amount of electrical costs needed. 

Anti-Mosquito Breeding 

The water within the system is constantly in motion, preventing breeding of mosquitoes which can lead to diseases such as dengue fever, perfectly suitable for hot and humid climate which is an ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes. 


The height and size of the AOS can be adjusted and customized to fit the settings of the growing environment. Customization can also be done for commercial and educational purposes. 

How it Works


  • Lightweight. Each framework (growing towers) less than 75kgs.

  • Anti-mosquitoes and non-toxic substances and materials used. 

  • Zero noise pollution.

  • Recyclable and reusable. Zero waste and zero pollution.

  • Materials used can last at least 15 years under tropical climatic conditions.

  • Allows scalability and customization, allowing more room for upward growing.


  • Removes the complex technicalities of farming.

  • Saves water. Only uses 1/10 of the water amount used in common hydroponic system.

  • Nutrients are carefully calibrated for vegetables uptake, minimize nutrients waste. 

  • Rain-water will not interference with vegetable growth.

  • Only uses less than half the manpower needed for traditional farming. 

  • Pesticide-Free farming capability.


  • All produce from the AOS is certified to be pesticide-free.

  • Food safety and security.

  • Agriculture sustainability.

  • Reduction of food miles.

  • Fresh and healthy vegetables for consumption.

  • Mobility. Farm can be dismantled and reassembled quickly.

  • High quality at low cost of production.