Our team members have had more than 30 years of experience in the agricultural sector. Citiponics was set up in 2015 with the aim to supply safe and secure produce for local and overseas market. Our intention is to not only grow locally produced vegetables productively within the constraints of urban space, but to also provide education for the future generations of youth leaders on the importance of sustainable farming.


Having worked in the pesticides industry since 1987, one of our founders, Mr. Teo witnessed the misuse and abuse of pesticides and their effects on food safety. This ignited a spark in him to look for healthier alternatives of growing leafy greens that are safe for consumption. He saw the land constraints as an opportunity to move away from traditional farming and grow towards innovative

farming methods. 


This led to the creation of the Aqua Organic System (AOS), a vertical growing system that is built to be optimized for agriculture sustainability through its strategically designed structure, system and functionalities. Our growing towers can now be seen in Singapore, Malaysia, and China.

About Citiponics

Our mission

Citiponics Pte Ltd aims to enrich the lives of communities through sustainable farming technology, education and food accessibility, connecting them to safe and clean food. Sustainable agriculture farming doesn’t have to be complex, everyone should be able to have a stake in it.

Healthy vegetables that are safe and secure for consumption should be a norm. We aim to do this in the most sustainable way possible through our green technology which encourages zero wastes, utilization of vertical spaces as well as minimizing energy consumption. 

What we aim to achieve

  • Ensure the quality of our locally-grown pesticides-free vegetables are comparable to imported pesticides-free vegetables

  • Simplify the process of growing pesticides-free vegetables in an urban area

  • Ensure that our growing process has minimal wastage and abide by sustainable farming practices

  • Process vegetables under HACCP and ISO supervision

  • Ensure our vegetables produce is made accessible for everyone 

  • Ensure our vegetables produce meet various food safety standards

  • Help to contribute to Singapore's food security and food safety efforts 

  • Increase students' awareness of the importance
    of sustainable farming methods through
    education engagement

  • Ensure our urban farms have positive impact for the surrounding community 

Awards and media


Preparing for a downturn: Seeking Fresh Pastures

The Straits Times article, 21 July 2019
"We produce up to four tonnes every month and supply them to NTUC FairPrice supermarkets."she says, noting that demand has outstripped supply since the farm started operations in February.



Lianhe Zaobao Singapore, 18 April 2019



为社区创造就业 “停车场蔬菜”首次收成

Lianhe Zaobao Singapore, 8 April 2019
Citiponics在裕廊花园拥有一个规模较小的实验式农场,而杨厝港城市农场是该公司旗下首个商业化的城市农场。公司使用AOS(Aqua Organic System)无土种植系统耕种,农场标榜无农药、零浪费,以及节省空间与能源。


Fresh veggies, all from rooftop farm at HDB carpark

The Straits Times article, 5 March 2019
Citiponics will hire locals - including elderly residents from the Awwa Senior Community Home - to work on the farm. Among those keen to get involved is Awwa resident Yow Chai Kwai. The 81-year-old said: "I like this environment very much - it is clean, and the vegetables we grow are nice and tasty. "I hope that Singapore will have more of these farms so that the elderly in other areas of Singapore can experience working on a farm."


4000kg of vegetables to be grown monthly on Ang Mo Kio rooftop car park farm for sale

Mothership article, 5 March 2019
Citiponics Farm @ Ang Mo Kio began in February 2019. Within a few weeks, it should be producing enough leafy greens to feed 1,600 people a month. The privately-owned farm can currently grow up to 25 different types of vegetables.These include nai bai (dwarf bok choy), kai lan (also known as Chinese kale) and cai xin (a green leafy vegetable similar to kai lan).


Singapore to grow high-tech farming with 18ha facility at Sungei Kadut

The Straits Times article, 5 March 2019
Among Singapore's agri-tech pioneers is Citiponics, which has a rooftop farm in Kang Ching Road in Jurong, as well as one on top of a multi-storey carpark in Ang Mo Kio. The firm was highlighted by Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry Koh Poh Koon in Parliament yesterday. (Video at 4:35 mark)


Rooftop car-park greens on the menu, as Singapore innovates to grow agri-tech sector

Today article, 4 March 2019
In April, the first batch of Mr Teo’s Georgina lettuce will go on sale. The vegetables are grown and harvested in the Citiponics farm, which was co-founded by the 56-year-old and is located at the roof of a Housing and Development Board (HDB) car park.Using a technology called the Aqua Organic System, the farm produces vegetables that are free of pesticides, and its water- and energy-saving methods prevent mosquito breeding, Mr Teo said.


Ang Mo Kio 'rooftop carpark farm' to grow four tonnes of vegetables monthly

The Straits Times article, 4 March 2019
Planting started in February 2019, with the first harvest expected in April 2019. So residents can soon look forward to fresh vegetables that are produced by community, in the community, for the community.


New facility for high-tech farming, R&D to be ready by 2021: Koh Poh Koon

Channel News Asia article, 4 March 2019



Special Award For Skyrise Greenery Award 2017

Taman Jurong Zone D RC
The Skyrise Greenery Award is awarded yearly by NParks to honour outstanding projects that demonstrate creativity in integrating greenery into our urban environment. We converted the rooftop deck of a multi-story carpark into a site for vegetable farming using our AOS system. The produce harvested from the urban farm is also distributed to needy residents living in the neighbourhood.



Urban Farming in Singapore has moved into a new high-tech phase.

The Straits Times article, 3 June 2017
"Three urban farms stand out for their ingenuity....The second is by a businessman who used to sell raw materials for pesticides.He has invented a "growing tower" that does away with chemicals."




Nuyou Singapore article, 6 July 2017