After years of research and development, Citiponics Pte Ltd is founded in Singapore as a start-up in the year 2015 by Mr. Teo Hwa Kok. Having worked in the pesticides industry since 1987, Mr. Teo witnessed the misuse and abuse of pesticides and their effects on food safety. This ignited a spark in him to look for healthier alternatives of growing leafy greens that are safe for consumption.


Citiponics developed the Aqua Organic System (AOS), creating a system that is built to be optimized for agriculture sustainability through its strategically designed structure, system and functionalities. Our growing towers can now be seen in Singapore, Malaysia, and China.

About Citiponics

Our Mission

Citiponics Pte Ltd aims to build a community of people through education and food accessibility, connecting them to safe and clean food. Sustainable agriculture farming doesn’t have to be complex, everyone should be able to have a stake in it.

Healthy vegetables that are safe and secure for consumption should be a norm. We aim to do this in the most sustainable way possible through our green technology which encourages zero wastes, utilization of vertical spaces as well as minimizing energy consumption. 

Our Goals

  • Maintain hygienic farming conditions

  • Simplify the process of growing vegetables

  • Process vegetables under HACCP and ISO supervision

  • Make our vegetables available at various supermarkets

  • Export ready-to-eat packages to increase accessibility

  • Ensure our vegetables meets various food safety standards

Awards and Media


Taman Jurong Zone D RC
The Skyrise Greenery Award is awarded yearly by NParks to honour outstanding projects that demonstrate creativity in integrating greenery into our urban environment. We converted the rooftop deck of a multi-story carpark into a site for vegetable farming using our AOS system. The produce harvested from the urban farm is also distributed to needy residents living in the neighbourhood.


The Straits Times article, 3 June 2017
"Three urban farms stand out for their ingenuity....The second is by a businessman who used to sell raw materials for pesticides.He has invented a "growing tower" that does away with chemicals."




Nuyou Singapore article, 6 July 2017